AR# 11600


3.1i CORE Generator - Distributed Memory v3 parameter file (.xco) is not compatible with Distributed Memory v4_x.


Keywords: COREGen, CORE Generator, distributed memory, dist mem, latency, pipeline stages, input_options.

Urgency: Standard

General Description
The parameters for the Distributed Memory core have changed between "dist_mem_v3_x" and "dist_mem_v4_x"; therefore, the .xco files are no longer compatible.



The best work-around is to generate the latest version of the Distributed Memory core by re-entering the parameters through the customization GUI.


If CORE Generator is being run in batch mode and you need to use the .xco file from the v3 version, the following parameters must be changed:

The following parameter existed in the Distributed Memory v3_x core:

input_options = "registered" or "non_registered"
pipeline_stages= "0" or "1"

In Distributed Memory v4_x, the following parameters exist:

input_options = "registered" or "non_registered"
latency =

(Note that "pipeline_stages" has changed to "latency." Also, latency = pipeline_stages + input_options, where input_option = 1 for registered and input_option = 0 for non_registered.)
AR# 11600
日期 08/23/2002
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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