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AR# 1162

JTAG, BSDL - Where can I obtain BSDL files for Xilinx devices? Have the files been tested?


Where can I find BSDL files for Xilinx parts? Have the files been tested against the hardware?


The most recent package-specific BSDL files for Xilinx devices are available under the "Device Models" tab at:



The generic BSDL files for Xilinx devices are installed with the current download software (iMPACT). If you installed the device, these files (along with a programming file) are the only files required by iMPACT to successfully configure a device via JTAG.


For ISE the BSDL files for supported devices are available under the C:\Xilinx\<version_number>\ISE_DS\ISE\<Device name>\data directory on Windows or $HOME/Xilinx/<version_number>/ISE_DS/ISE/<Device name>/data directory on Linux.


Xilinx recommends that you continue to update your software with the most current BSDL files.


AR# 1162
日期 03/22/2017
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