AR# 11798


4.1i ISE - Project Navigator attempts to checkout a Synplify Pro license when synthesizing with Synplfy.


Keywords: Project Navigator, license, Synplify, check-out, synplifypro

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
When I synthesize with Synplify, Project Navigator attempts to also check out a Synplify Pro license.

As a result, the following errors appear in the ISE Auto-Make Log File:

Updating: Synthesize

Starting: 'exewrap @2700.rsp'
Original: 'exewrap -tapkeep -mode pipe -command xilperl
C:/synplicity/synplify/bin/synplify.exe pane_top.prj -tcl pane_top_map.tcl
-batch -launchmode'

Starting: 'xilperl C:/Xilinx/data/projnav/
C:/synplicity/synplify/bin/synplify.exe pane_top.prj -tcl pane_top_map.tcl
-batch -launchmode '

Trying to run synplifypro with synplify license.
Error: synplifypro - License server does not support this feature (-18,147)

Sorry, no Synplicity license is available.

Trying to run synplifypro with synplify license.
If you are a Synplicity customer, please make sure the security guard is securely attached to your parallel port and try again.

Your hostid is: 6D05195A

NOTE: This is -NOT- the correct hostid for Windows NT floating licenses.
Instead, run 'c:\synlm\lmutil.exe lmhostid' from a command prompt

Run in non-batch mode to fill out a form to request a Synplicity Trial
License or to create or edit a license file using the Synplicity License Editor.

Unable to get license.
exit status=1

EXEWRAP detected a return code of '1' from program 'xilperl'

Done: failed with exit code: 0001.


This occurs because of a problem with what the script keyed off. The script has been updated to handle this condition, and the problem is fixed in the latest 4.1i Service Pack, which is available at:
The first service pack containing the fix is 4.1i Service Pack 3
AR# 11798
日期 08/11/2003
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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