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4.1i NGDBUILD - "INTERNAL_ERROR:Portability:Port_FileImp.c:422:1.18 - Port_FileImp: Too many opened files (XdmHelpers, 121)"


Keywords: NGO, cannot, open, input, file

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
NGDBuild reports the following error:

INTERNAL_ERROR:Portability:Port_FileImp.c:422:1.18 - Port_FileImp: Too many opened files!
Cannot open file '/Pims/top_utou/'.
ERROR:XdmHelpers:121 - cannot open input file '/Pims/top_utou/'

This error will appear in the following situations:

1. If you are using 4.1i software to rebuild a design that requires opening more than 28 NGO files that were previously compiled with the 3.1i software. NGDBuild will use existing NGO if it does not detect an update in the EDIF source file. If you have more than 28 files that were previously compiled in 3.1i software, the NGDBuild will issue this error.

2. If you are implementing a design with more than 28 XNF input files in 4.1i software.

NOTE: In the modular design implementation, the Physically Implemented Modules (PIMs) directory contains NGO files for each module. If you are running the "Modular Assembly" phase and the PIMs are generated with the 3.1i software, you will encounter this error as well.


Performing one of the following steps will fix this problem:

1. Remove all NGO files and rerun NGDBuild. This will force NGDBuild to rebuild the NGO file in the 4.1i software.

2. Run NGDBuild with the "-nt on" option as follows:

>ngdbuild -nt on <toplevel_design>.edf

The "-nt on" option will force NGDBuild to regenerate the NGO files from the source design netlist.

NOTE: In the case of modular design, you will need to rerun "initial" and "active" implementation in order to generate new PIMs.
AR# 11872
日期 08/12/2003
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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