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Virtex-II/-II Pro - Does internal termination exist in OBUF_HSTL_I_DCI and OBUF_HSTL_III_DCI? (Class I/III)


In the "HSTL DCI usage examples" figure, there is no termination at the driver. However, OBUF_HSTL_I_DCI and OBUF_HSTL_III_DCI are available. What kind of termination exists in these OBUFs?


OBUF_HSTL_I_DCI and OBUF_HSTL_III_DCI are not performing any termination (these I/O standards do not need driver termination). 


The DCI OBUFs for these I/O standards have the same characteristic as the non-DCI OBUF. 


A termination example for HSTL DCI is shown in the Virtex-II/-II Pro User Guides -> Design Considerations -> (Using) Digitally Controlled Impedance (DCI). 


Virtex-II Pro


Please see (Xilinx Answer 14128) for more information.

AR# 11914
日期 05/14/2014
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