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4.1i CORE Generator - The "Copy Project" feature


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General Description:
CORE Generator's "Copy Project" feature is not documented in the CORE Generator Guide. A brief description is listed below.


Copying Projects

You can copy cores from one CORE Generator project to another valid project using the Project-> Copy command. When you copy a project, only the XCP files associated with the cores in the source project are copied over to the destination. In addition, both the source and destination must be valid CORE Generator project directories.

- From the main CORE Generator menu bar, select Project -> Copy. The Copy Project dialog box appears.

- Select the source project from the displayed list of known projects, or browse to a pre-existing CORE Generator project directory containing the cores you wish to replicate in the destination project.

- Next, select the destination project, either from the list of known projects, or by browsing to it. Click "OK" to copy the project.
AR# 11937
日期 09/11/2003
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