AR# 11985


4.1 CORE Generator - ERROR: Could not read COE file...Unrecognized core parameter #component_name...


General Description:

When generating a module in CORE Generator with a .coe file specified, the following error message is reported when I try to specify the location of the .coe file:

CORE Generator Error: Could not read coe file


See message for more information

Then, the CORE Generator console will report:

ERROR: Unrecognized core parameter #component_name.


The COE format has changed for some of memory cores in the 3.1i IP updates. The new, acceptable COE format is specified in the respective data sheet versions.

If you have any parameters that are no longer accepted, or if you would like to put comments in your .coe file, they should be commented out with a ";" (semi-colon) at the beginning of each line.

Example .coe files are provided with Xilinx Implementation Tool 4.1i, and they are located in <XILINX_4.1i>/coregen/data/
AR# 11985
日期 07/28/2010
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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