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What is the latest version of addtnm and maketnm? Where to get addtnm and maketnm?


General Description:

Addtnm and maketnm are PERL script utilities which allow users to add TNMs (Time NaMes) to an .xnf or .xff file so that creating specific timing constraints in a .cst file is much easier. This is most useful for Synthesis users.


The latest versions of addtnm and maketnm are:

addtnm v.2.3.4

maketnm v2.3.3

addtnm v 2.3.4 fixes a problem with recognizing latches in the 5200 .xnf files.

The latest version of addtnm and maketnm can be obtained via the Xilinx Web or FTP sites. To download them, go to the following destinations:

For the Xilinx web site:

(Xilinx File

or for the Xilinx anonymous FTP site:

(Xilinx File

Please read the included README file for details on installing and using addtnm and maketnm.

AR# 1207
日期 01/18/2010
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