AR# 12119


4.1i NGDBuild - "ERROR:NgdBuild:397 - Could not find NET 'a(1)' in design 'vrp_top'"


Keywords: UCF, bus, bracket, paren, constraints, NGDBuild, 397, error

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
The following NGDBuild error message is reported:

"ERROR:NgdBuild:397 - Could not find NET 'a(1)' in design 'vrp_top'"


Due to the varying bus addressing conventions in different synthesis tools, you must use different bus line addressing schemes -- either <> or () -- for constraints in your UCF file.

For example:

NET "a<1>" LOC = "aa6"; -- Accepted in Synopsys and XST
NET "a(1)" LOC = "aa6"; -- Accepted in Synplicity and Mentor Graphics

Synopsys: <>
XST: <>
Synplicity: ()
Mentor Graphics: ()

This will be fixed in the next major software release (after 5.1i).
AR# 12119
日期 08/12/2003
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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