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Workstation Install: How to Install software for a specific platform


In the workstation world, some users have a non-uniform
platform environment. For example, the server may be
an HPUX machine and all the others may be Sparcs.

This situation is a problem because the Xilinx Install
assumes that the workstation platform that mounts the CDROM
is the executable that should be installed. So, in the above
example where the server is a HPUX machine, and all the other
clients are Sparcs, if 'install' is executed without any options
on the HPUX machine, HPUX binaries will be installed instead of
Sparc binaries


When invoking the 'install' script, use the
option. The options for

When you want to force the installtion of
binareis for a specific platform, use the '-f' option.

The options for the '-f' option are:


For example, to specifically install binaries for a sparc
on a sparc, you would use:

install -f sparc

As another example, to specifically install binaries for
a hppa on a sparc, install would be invoked as:

install -f hppa

Note, some of the above options do not apply. For example,
the rs6000 option only works on the rs6000 CDROM version
of XACT 6.

AR# 1212
日期 08/23/2001
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Type 综合文章
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