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AR# 12273

Project Navigator - The "Regenerate Core" process does not regenerate the core for the current project settings


The "Regenerate Core" process does not use the current project settings when I regenerate a core. This causes the implementation tools to fail or to give less than optimal placement results.

For example:

A Virtex core with RLOCs is used in a Virtex-II design. The Virtex "RxCy.Sn RLOCs" constraints are generated differently in Virtex-II, which causes a placement error.


You must use the Generate Core "Under Current Project Settings" option to generate cores for current project settings.

You can set this option in the Generate Core Process Properties window in Project Navigator, or by running Generate Core -> "Under Current Project Settings" option from the main CORE Generator GUI.

To change the Generate Core Process Properties window in Project Navigator, right-click the Generate Core Process, select "Properties...", and then change the property value.

To open the main CORE Generator GUI from Project Navigator and generate a new core with the current project settings, follow these steps:

1. Select a core (<filename>.xco) in the "Sources in Project" window.

2. In the "Processes for Current Source" window, expand the CORE Generator toolbox to display the "Manage Cores" process.

3. Double-click the "Manage Cores" process, and the CORE Generator main GUI will launch.

4. Verify that the family displayed by the "Target Family" heading is the correct family.

5. In the "Generated Modules" window, select all cores that you wish to regenerate.

6. Right-click and select Regenerate -> Under current project settings.

7. After all cores are regenerated, exit CORE Generator, and return to Project Navigator.

AR# 12273
日期 03/04/2013
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章