AR# 1236


Foundation - BTRIEVE 1002 or memory allocation error occurs on XC4000E project


Keywords: BTREIVE, memory allocation, XC4000E

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
After upgrading from Foundation 6.0.0 to Foundation to 6.0.1, creating or opening
an XC4000E design may cause the Project Manager to report a memory allocation
error or BTRIEVE 1002:

"Can't find lib_dir."



Some files may not have been correctly updated when the update was installed.

To ensure that all files are correctly updated, you must uninstall Foundation, then
reinstall it from the 6.0.1 CD. (You do not have to reinstall the XACTstep software.)

Run the Uninstall program from the Foundation program group (or run
ACTIVE\EXE\UNINSTAL.EXE) to remove the current Foundation software from
your PC. Select "Delete all applications and files except PROJECTS directory".
This will save your existing projects. Allow the uninstaller to remove the keylock
driver and the BTRIEVE files when it prompts you.

Now insert the Foundation 6.0.1 CD and run the installation.


(For Windows 3.x only)

There might not be enough conventional memory available.

To check the available conventional memory:

1. Open an MSDOS session.
2. Type "mem /c | more".

If the conventional memory is < 500kB, reduce the number of TSRs loaded by
the CONFIG.SYS and/or AUTOEXEC.BAT so that there is 500kB or more of
conventional memory free. Some TSRs can also be loaded into upper memory
to free up conventional memory.
AR# 1236
日期 04/04/2001
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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