AR# 1240


XKEY 5.2 under Windows 3.11 does not see the key, but works fine under DOS.


There is only the Xilinx key on the parallel port.
XKEY 5.2 under DOS reads the key on the parallel port but XKEY under
Windows does not.



There is a conflict with a windows driver on lpt1/lpt2.
This problem has been reported when the HP laserjet 5L driver is installed on the same port than the Xilinx key.

The workaround is to disable this driver.


It has been reported that loading in the driver for 5M fixes the problem


A solution to getting the HP6P printer to work with the xilinx key is installing the driver in EPP (Enhanced Parallel Port) Mode .
AR# 1240
日期 10/07/2008
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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