AR# 12408


FPGA Express License File error in Foundation - Dpm: No such feature exists. Pcm : not a valid license


General Description:

Foundation errors with:

Dpm No such feature exists

Pcm: Cannot find a valid license for Synopsys synthesis.

When trying to open or create an HDL design


**** This issue was to be fixed by the Web Team prior to Emerald release, but the solution is here just in case. *****

Automated response license files are missing quotations in two locations

causing this error. The quotation marks need to be place around the

XSJ_bv-agent in the increment line and around the components in the package line.



INCREMENT FND-EXP-PC xilinxd 1.000 1-jan-0 1 3CFA8FD0CAF6A6A8FE3C \ "XSJ_bv-agent"

PACKAGE FND-EXP-PC xilinxd 1.000 F0C010316212AA7570F2

COMPONENTS="FPGA-Express:2002.12 FPGA-Express-VHDL-Base:2002.12

FPGA-Express-VLOG-Base:2002.12 FPGA-Express-XC3k-Optimizer:2002.12

FPGA-Express-XC4k-Optimizer:2002.12 FPGA-Express-XC5k-Optimizer:2002.12

FPGA-Express-VIRTEX-Optimizer:2002.12 FPGA-Express-XC9k- Optimizer:2002.12

FPGA-Express-Constraint-Mgr:2002.12 FPGA-Express-GAT:2002.12 "


*Note - The automated response license can be identified by SJ_bv-agent on the increment line.

AR# 12408
日期 04/14/2010
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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