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3.3i ChipScope - "ERROR: no swingall.jar file found in $XILINX\java\swing\swing1.1.1" reported when using ChipScope Inserter


Keywords: swingall.jar, ChipScope, Inserter, error

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General Description:
When I try to run the 3.3i ChipScope Inserter, the following error message appears:

ERROR: no swingall.jar found in %XILINX%\java\swing\swing1.1.1


This error occurs if the 3.3i version of ChipScope Core Inserter is run with version 4.1i of the Xilinx tools. Because the ChipScope Core Inserter needs to access parts of the Xilinx logical tools, and these tools have changed significantly from 3.1i to 4.1i, it is not possible to use the 3.3i Core Inserter with the Xilinx 4.1i tools.

Version 4.1i of the ChipScope tools became available on October 22, 2001, and it is able to insert cores into 4.1i designs.

The 3.3i CORE Generator and 3.3i Analyzer can both be used with the 4.1i Xilinx tools -- only the Core Inserter is affected.
AR# 12462
日期 07/25/2007
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