AR# 12463


4.1is1 Virtex-II MAP - "FATAL_ERROR:Pack:pktv2rpmutil.c: - Exceeded the max number of shapes in an RMP"


Keywords: 4.1i, Virtex-II, MAP, pktv2rpmutil, exceeded, number, shapes, RPM

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General Description:
MAP fails with the following error:

FATAL_ERROR:Pack:pktv2rpmutil.c:150: - Exceeded the max number of shapes in an RPM. Process will terminate. To resolve this error, please consult the Answers Database and other online resources at

This error occurs only when MAP encounters designs with very large RPMs that contain more than 100 "shapes". Shapes are logical constructs where MAP needs to build corresponding multi-component physical constructs. Examples include carry chains, DPRAMs, wide functions, etc.



This problem is fixed in the latest 4.1i Service Pack, available at:
The first service pack containing the fix is 4.1i Service Pack 2.

Meanwhile, you can work around the problem by reducing the size of any very large RPMs in the design.


If you have cores from CORE Generator that are RPM-enabled, a possible work-around is to regenerate the cores without the RPM.
AR# 12463
日期 08/20/2003
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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