AR# 12586


4.1i CORE Generator - ERROR: "blkmemsp_v3_2 Error Incompatible modes for port..." occurs when I try to invoke ModelSim from the ISE GUI


Keywords: incompatible, modes, port, ModelSim, CORE, Block, RAM, COREGen, symbol, blkmemsp_v3_2

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
When I attempt to invoke ModelSim from the ISE GUI, the following error occurs:

"-- Loading entity blkmemsp_v3_2
ERROR: mycfg.vhd(37): Incompatible modes for port dout.
ERROR: mycfg.vhd(42): VHDL Compiler exiting.
ERROR: C:/Programme/Modeltech_xe/win32xoem/vcom failed."


This error occurs because the blkmemsp_v3_2 CORE was created in CORE Generator, but when the symbol was created for use in ECS, the DOUT(7:0) port was declared as an input.

To fix this problem, select Edit -> Symbol in ECS and double-click on the symbol in the schematic. Select Edit -> Attribute -> Pin Attribute in the symbol editor, and change the polarity of the pin (in this case, to output).

This issue is currently under investigation, pending a CR.
AR# 12586
日期 10/09/2003
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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