AR# 12632


Signal Integrity and the PCB - Can outputs be tied together to increase drive strength?


If a higher drive current is required than can be supplied by a single output pin, can multiple outputs be tied together? Are there any issues to be aware of when doing this?


Generally, this method is successful; however, skew between pins that are tied together should be minimized. If not, contention between the pins could lead to large transient currents, but will not cause damage to the device. To minimize skew, outputs that are tied together should have low output skew, and output (IOB) registers should be used.

The number of pins that can be tied together is dictated by the effect of SSOs (simultaneous switching outputs), which can lead to ground bounce. Though skew between pins can be minimized, there might still be transient currents, which will effectively reduce the number of SSOs that can be tolerated before ground bounce becomes an issue.

AR# 12632
日期 12/15/2012
状态 Active
Type 综合文章
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