AR# 1269


XC4000E: MEMGEN always uses the part 4005EPG156 for Synchronous Rams.


Keywords: MEMGEN, XC4000E, synchronous RAM

Urgency: Standard


MEMGEN will always use the part 4005EPG156 for Sync_Rams,
even if you specify a part on the command line with the
"parttype=4008EPC84" option, or if you specify the
part in the memory definition file (.mem).


There shouldn't be a problem with this, because you will always
be instantiating this component (XNF file) in another higher
level module. This higher level module will also need a part
type specified, and it will over-ride all lower level modules

If you are still concerned you could hand edit the XNF file to
correct the PART record, but this shouldn't be necessary, and
is not recommended.
AR# 1269
日期 10/07/2008
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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