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*Obsolete* 4.1i iMPACT - "EXCEPTION:iMPACT:BsdlStorage.c:274: - File does not exist..." appears when I attempt to initialize a chain


Keywords: iMPACT, initialize chain, program, download

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
When I attempt to initialize a chain in iMPACT, the following error appears in the transcript window:

"EXCEPTION:iMPACT:BsdlStorage.c:274: - File does not exist.
ERROR:iMPACT:636 - perform Operation() failed!"

or ...

EXCEPTION:iMPACT:BsdlStorage.c:299: - File does not exist
ERROR:iMPACT:531 - deviceManagerProxy->addDevice() failed!

If the chain is created manually, iMPACT will crash with the following error:




These errors are generally due to missing BSDL files. Please check the following:

1. Ensure that the both the generic BSDL and the package-specific BSDL files are present in the Xilinx installation directory within the specific device\data directory:

Generic BSDL Example:

Package-Specific BSDL Example:

2. If the package specific BSDL files are missing, download the latest BSDL files from the web and unzip them into the respective device/data directories:

3. If the generic BSDL files are missing, ensure that the latest service pack has been downloaded and installed:


If the generic BSDL still cannot be located after the software is updated, you can create a generic BSDL for the device by making a copy of the package-specific BSDL file, then renaming the file by removing the package information from the title.

For example:


is changed to

AR# 12706
日期 09/22/2005
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