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5.1i iMPACT - Error: "Exception:iMPACT ConfigDataReader...The device must be a JEDEC, BIT, (etc.) file"


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If my device is shown in the chain, and I choose to apply a configuration file and select ".JED", Windows reports the following error: 


"EXCEPTION:iMPACT:ConfigDataReader.c.85:1.24 - File access error. 


ERROR:iMPACT:533 -deviceManagerProxy ->setDeviceAttriube( ) failed! 


ERROR: The device must be either a JEDEC, BIT, RBC, Key, MCS or EXO file (name with a .jed, .bit, rbt, .mcs, .exo) or a BSDL file (a name with a .bsd extension)."


When iMPACT is used, a JEDEC file cannot be configured on the device if the extension is written out in upper-case characters (".JED"). Lower-case characters are required for the file extension: 


To avoid these errors, change the name of the JEDEC file from ".JED" to ".jed", then load the file. 


This limitation is fixed in 6.1i iMPACT.

AR# 12708
日期 05/14/2014
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