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4.1i, BitGen - "ERROR: DesignRules:557 - Blockcheck: Invalid connection used between BUFGMUX and DCM...."


Keywords: DRC, BUFG, DCM

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General Description:
The following error occurs when I run BitGen:

"ERROR:DesignRules:557 - Blockcheck: Invalid connection used between BUFGMUX and DCM. The BUFGMUX comp <bufg_name> with signal <signal_name> drives across the device to the DCM comp <dcm_name>. There are no routes for this connectivity across the device. The BUFGMUX and DCM must be in the same quadrant of the device."


This Design Rule Check(DRC) is activated when the XIL_BITGEN_VIRTEX2ES environment variable is set.

This DRC should be checking for IBUFG-DCM routing in ES silicon. However, when this error occurs, it is checking an incorrect connection, and the error can be ignored. The correct DRC will be implemented in 4.1i Service Pack 3, which is due to be released in November, 2001.

In the meantime, you can manually use LOC IBUFG-DCM as described in (Xilinx Answer 11756). To work around this problem, run BitGen using the "-d" option as follows to ignore the DRC:

bitgen -d <ncd file>

NOTE: You must run BitGen with DRC first to ensure that there is no other DRC error. If there are other DRC errors, please fix them first before running BitGen with the "-d" option.
AR# 12719
日期 09/30/2005
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