AR# 12836


3.1isp8 JTAG Programmer - Verify operations for an XC18V00 device fail


Keywords: JTAG, 18V00, verify

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
I am programming an XC18V00 device, and the verify operations I am attempting to perform with the 3.1i JTAG Programmer fail.



As of 3.1i with Service Pack 8, there is only one known software problem that causes verify failures on XC18V00 devices; this problem will affect XC18V00 devices that are a part of a JTAG chain with more than nine devices.

A tactical patch resolving this software problem is available for 3.1iSP8 JTAG Programmer. This tactical patch must only be applied to 3.1iSP8 JTAG Programmer, and it supercedes all other tactical patches for 3.1iSP8. The tactical patch may be downloaded from the Xilinx Customer FTP site at:

Installation instructions are provided in the readme.txt file contained in this zip file.


If you are experiencing Verify failures on an XC18V00 device in a JTAG chain of fewer than nine devices, the failure is probably not caused by a software problem. It is most likely that one of two things is happening:

1. The device was not programmed correctly;
2. Signal integrity problems exist that are either causing the device not to receive the verify instruction, or that are causing JTAG Programmer to not receive the correct "Verify" data.

To test for signal integrity problems, use the IDCODE Looping feature in JTAG Programmer, which is available under the "Operations" menu.

AR# 12836
日期 09/30/2005
状态 Archive
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