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4.1i CORE Generator - The E_IP1 IP Capure Tool cannot save a port list on Windows NT


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General Description:
After I edit the Pin List Data in the IP Capture tool and attempt to "save" or "save as" the port list, a file chooser dialog box with the following message appears:

"Save Pin List
C:\design\path\<file_name>.pin File not found.
Please verify that the correct file name was given."



To work around this problem, create a dummy file outside the IP Capture tool. The file can be a blank text file, but it must have the exact file name that you are attempting to create, and it must reside in the directory in which you are trying to save the pin. Then, select "Save As", and select the file into which you want to save the port information.

(NOTE: depending on which tool you have used to create the dummy file, the file may have a hidden extension such as .txt; in this case, you may need to search for all files (*.*) to find the dummy file you have created.)


This problem has been fixed in 4.2i IP Update #2, which is scheduled to be released at the end of March, 2002.
AR# 12861
日期 10/09/2003
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