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4.1i CORE Generator - IP Capture Tool Known Issues in 4.1i IP Update #1 (E_IP1).


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General Description:
This Answer Record summarizes known issues for the IP Capture Tool, introduced with E_IP1.

- Please specify the Internal Module Name, even though this is not defined as required field.
- Please only use characters "a-z", "A-Z", "0-9", and "_" when entering information in the "Short Company Names" and "Internal Module Name" fields.
- Please note that only issue #5 has been fixed in the patch -- the others are still outstanding. The patch is a separate file that must be installed in addition to E_IP1:

For Example:
e_ip1 = 4.1i IP Update #1
eip1_tp1 = The patch for E_IP1



1) 4.1i CORE Generator - The IP Capture Tool does NOT check for invalid characters in the editable fields, causing "Internal Errors" and "Invalid Repository" problems.
(Xilinx Answer 12464)

2) 4.1i CORE Generator - ERROR: "The built-in repository is not a valid repository" occurs when illegal characters are used in the short form company name.
(Xilinx Answer 12830)

3) 4.1i CORE Generator - The E_IP1 IP Capture Tool cannot save a port list on Windows NT
(Xilinx Answer 12861)

4) 4.1i CORE Generator - The E_IP1 Updates Installer will not install files created by the IP Capture Tool
(Xilinx Answer 12860)

5) 4.1i CORE Generator - The IP Capture Tool fails to copy the implementation netlist and RTL files to projects on PC platforms
(Xilinx Answer 12831)

This problem is fixed in the E_IP1 patch, available from the IP Center at:


All of the above Capture Tool issues have been fixed in 4.2i IP Update #2.

However, because of a change in the CORE Generator Update Installer, the Update Installer cannot be used to install the captured cores. Instead, you will
need to use WinZip or UNIX tar commands to install these cores.
AR# 12862
日期 10/09/2003
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