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4.2i Foundation Logic Simulator - Error: "Simul: Not enough memory. Simulation aborted"


General Description:

When I perform a very long simulation in Foundation Aldec's Logic Simulator, the simulation stops before the given end time and reports the following error message in the Project Manager:

"Simul: Not enough memory. Simulation aborted."

(This occurs regardless of the RAM memory of the machine.)


The limit relates to the number of allocated blocks (chunks). An entry in the aldec.ini file allows the block size to be changed. Open the aldec.ini file by selecting File->Preferences->Configuration... and then select the "View Ini File" button (the actual file is located in the windows or Winnt directory).

For example:


Chunk Size=256, 512

- The first value is a Netlist_Memory_Chunk_Size -- Increase this value if the "Not enough memory" error appears when you load a netlist.

- The second value is an Event_Memory_Chunk_Size -- Increase this value if the simulation fails before the given end time.

Default values are (in kB):

Netlist_Memory_Chunk_Size = 256

Event_Memory_Chunk_Size = 128

Acceptable values via aldec.ini are between 64 and 4096. (Default values are taken if these values are exceeded.)

For a lower frequency, lowering the simulation precision may also help, as the memory usage is based on the number of stored events.

(Please also see (Xilinx Answer 3161) for more information.)
AR# 12939
日期 08/30/2010
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