AR# 12981


3.1i NGDBuild, Foundation Schematic - "ERROR:NgdBuild:432 - logical block 'xxx' with type 'BUFGMUX0/BUFGMUX1' is unexpanded"


Keywords: BUFGMUX0, BUFGMUX1, Foundation, Aldec, Schematic

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
I am using Foundation Schematic (3.3.08i), and the following errors are reported:

"ERROR:NgdBuild:432 - logical block 'xxx' with type 'BUFGMUX0' is unexpanded."
"ERROR:NgdBuild:432 - logical block 'xxx' with type 'BUFGMUX1' is unexpanded."


This error occurs because the Aldec Update was not applied with a service pack, which causes the libraries to be out of date. To check the libraries, open the Library Manager, and verify the version of the Virtex-II libraries. (For example, version 1.19 contained BUFGMUX0 and BUFGMUX1; in the Aldec update, these were changed to BUFGMUX and BUFGMUX_1.)

To resolve this issue, install the Aldec update from 3.1i Service Pack 8, available at:
AR# 12981
日期 08/20/2002
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Type 综合文章
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