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Mentor 8.x - PLD_DA cannot instantiate components, parts come up blank. Can select comps, but no place them. Component $LCA// does not exist


Users might find that upon first installing the Xilinx software for use with Mentor Graphics version 8.x, it is not possible to instantiate Xilinx components even though the Xilinx library menus appear fine.


This problem is caused by the lack of a variable definition for $LCA in the mgc_location_map file (whose complete-path filename is contained in the environment variable $MGC_LOCATION_MAP). All Xilinx library components use this variable to reference their schematics, symbols, and models. For example, the AND2 component in the XC4000 library references its symbol as

"$LCA/xc4000/and2/and2"; therefore, if $LCA is not set, these components cannot be found.

Below is an example mgc_location_map file:










The line that must be added is the "$LCA" line. The line directly below it should either contain the path to where the Mentor interface (DS344) is installed (in this example, /tools/xilinx/ds344) or should be left blank. If left blank, the variable value is pulled from the parent shell environment, so the $LCA environment variable must be defined to point to the DS344 area. For instance, if you removed the pathname below $LCA in the example location map, you would need to issue the following in the Unix shell (typically as part of your ".cshrc" file):

setenv LCA /tools/xilinx/ds344

AR# 130
日期 05/08/2014
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