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4.1i Install - HPUX-11: "Error: I/O exception Error...could not read file - XPLA3_Core.mod."


Keywords: mod, HP, install, 4.1i, I/O, exception, error, Personality, Module, xpla3_core.mod

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General Description:
When I install Alliance 4.1i on an HPUX - 11 machine, the installer reports the following error:

"I/O exception Error. Error - could not read file - try checking your source directory or the location of $XILINX for the existence of all necessary files./$XILINX$/.xinstall/mnf/XPLA3_Core.mod".

After installation, if I target any device from the command line, the following error is reported:

"ERROR:PersonalityModule:7 - Unable to open Xilinx data file for Vendor/Device Module "xpla3". Please make sure that it has been correctly installed before continuing."

Design manager also reports an "Unable to read device XPLA3" error, even though I am not targeting that device.


This error is actually representative of a file delivery issue during installation, as XPLA3 devices are not targetable within Design Manager. (You can target XPLA3 devices from the command line.)

The error message is caused by a file-copying issue that is seen on HP-UX systems when using the conventional "mount" command for the CD-ROM. If you use the following method of mounting the CD-ROM, the installation will complete properly, and the error message will be eliminated. (You must be the root for all of the following):

- Reboot your system.

- If "pfs_mount" is not already running, begin here:

/usr/sbin/pfs_mountd &
/usr/sbin/pfsd 4 &
confirm using:
ps -ef | grep pfs

You should see the following processes:

pfsd.rpc (4 of these)
/usr/sbin/pfsd 4

-Begin here if "pfs_mount" is already running:

- Insert the CD into your CD-ROM:

command (as root)
pfs_mount -t rrip -x unix /dev/dsk/<device_name> /cdrom
cd /cdrom
AR# 13054
日期 11/05/2003
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