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Synplify 7.0.1 - When I load a Virtex-E .prj file created by Project Navigator 3.1iSP8, "Error: Device family not recognized" is reported


Keywords: Synplify, device, not recognized, 7.0, 3.1i, Virtex-E, Virtex, PRJ, .prj, file

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General Description:
When I load a Virtex-E .prj file created by Project Navigator 3.1i with Service Pack 8 into Synplify 7.0.1, the following error is reported:

"Error: Device family not recognized."

The .prj file created by ISE 3.1i is similar to the following:

##-- Synplicity Inc.
##-- Synplify version 6.0.
##-- Project file h:\zliu\g4\modem_fpga\modem_xilinx_old\modem_top.prj.
##-- Generated using ISE.

##device options
set_option -technology VirtexE
set_option -part XCV300E
set_option -package PQ240
set_option -speed_grade -6


This error occurs because the "-technology" option specifies "VirtexE" and not "Virtex-E" (with the hyphen) as Synplify 7.0.1 expects. (This issue was fixed in the 4.1i software.)

When Synplify 7.0.1 is used with the ISE 3.1i software, this error will only occur for the Virtex-E target family. All other components will work as expected.

To avoid this error, use Synplify 7.0.1 with the ISE 4.1i software; with the ISE 3.1i software, use Synplify 6.x.
AR# 13108
日期 04/23/2007
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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