AR# 1311


men2xnf8/enwrite: Pin mapping from part interface to superseding interface not possible


Keywords: men2xnf8, enwrite, pin, part

Urgency: Standard

General Description:

Men2xnf8 fails with return code 1.ENWrite may fail during Men2XNF8 (return code 1) with the following error
(as seen in the men2xnf8.log file):

// ENWrite has detected an exception condition during processing --
Printing Status Messages
// Warning: An instance in a model references part $PONY/express/part
interface express which cannot have its pins mapped to the new
superseding interface (from: DDMS/EDDM/EDDM General 18)
// Error: Pin mapping from part $PONY/express/part interface express to
superseding interface is not possible because at least one pin cannot be
found in the superseding interface (from: DDMS/EDDM/EDDM Connectivity


This may be caused by a mismatch between a pin name on a symbol and what is
known as the "compiled pin name."

To correct this, go into PLD_DA and open the symbol for the named interface
in the error message. Select Check -> With Defaults. The Check Pin
section of the Check report may show something like this:

WARNING: Compiled pin name "D-DO-DO-DO" and PIN "D-D-DA-DA-DA" on P$2
do not match.

Select the pin labelled "D-DO-DO-DO" then select Miscellaneous -> Change
Compiled Pin Name. Type "D-D-DA-DA-DA" in the dialog box. Check and save
the symbol, then rerun Men2XNF8.
AR# 1311
日期 05/24/1999
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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