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4.2i XST - What's new in XST 4.2i?


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General Description:
What is new in 4.2i XST?


XST includes the following enhancements:

- Preservation of internal buses by using bus<#> naming convention
- Preservation of upper- and lower-case characters in the final netlist
- Support for property lists for buses in the attribute syntax

VHDL Enhancements:
- Support for concatenation of slices when the target is an array of vectors (Xilinx Answer 13893)
- Support for constant definitions in processes (Xilinx Answer 13894)
- Support for signal declarations in a package file (Xilinx Answer 13895)
- Support for "loop" and "while...loop" statements (Xilinx Answer 13955)
- Improved run time and memory use for "next," "exit," and "return" processing in "loop" statements
- Support for records in constant declarations (Xilinx Answer 13961)
- Support for record type in function return (Xilinx Answer 13960)
- Support for "string" type in functions
- Improved attribute calculation through functions
- Enhanced multi-dimensional array support in function return

XST supports the Virtex-II PRO device family. XST now also supports the new CoolRunner-II device family as follows:

- Support for inference of a dual edge-triggered flip-flop
- Support for the following constraints:

AR# 13166
日期 08/06/2003
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