AR# 1322


Hardware debugger: Incorrect cable specification given.


When Hard ware debugger is trying to establish communications with the xchecker cable and device it may return the message;

Incorrect cable specification given. The
connected cable is : Serial


Something about the cable is recognized as 'Serial':

1) Make sure that the cable is an xchecker cable.
The head will say:

Model: DLC4
Power: 5V 100mA Typ.
Serial: DL <number>

2) Make sure that user specifies the correct port.

For hwdebugr, use Setup->Commmunication to specify the correct port
For xchecker, run it as: xchecker -port com2

3) Make sure that the cable is on the correct port

4) Check to see if the customer has mouse or other device
like a fax or modem connected to the serial port?

AR# 1322
日期 11/10/2004
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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