AR# 13269


5.1i iMPACT, STAPL - A STAPL file created by iMPACT does not work with Corelis Boundary Scan equipment


General Description:

The STAPL output file from iMPACT does not work with Corelis Boundary Scan equipment. In the Corelis Software, the two symptoms of this problem are:

1. There are no available ACTIONs in the Options window.

2. The test PASSes, but no programming actually occurred.


The problem is that the Corelis tools look for an execute ACTIONs with a standard JEDEC name such as BLANK_CHECK, PROGRAM, and VERIFY. iMPACT always uses XILINX_PROC as the ACTION name.

For example:

Operation->Program = ACTION PROGRAM

Operation->Verify = ACTION VERIFY

To work around this problem, manually edit the STAPL file and replace XILINX_PROC with the appropriate standard JEDEC STAPL ACTION name such as PROGRAM or VERIFY. You should ignore any warning messages regarding a bad STAPL file checksum after the STAPL file has been edited.

AR# 13269
日期 12/15/2012
状态 Active
Type 综合文章
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