AR# 1346


XNFMERGE: Warning Unrecognized Property 'HDL_SOURCE' on symbol 'sym_name'


During translation or implementation in the Xilinx Design
Manager, you may encounter the following warning on a design
which uses Foundation XVHDL.

[Warning] Unrecognized Property 'HDL_SOURCE' on symbol


When the VHDL design is synthesized into an XNF file, some
symbols that are inferred by the XVHDL compiler are marked with a 'user property' indicating the line number in the VHDL
code that inferred the symbol.

Take this excerpt from an XNF file, for example:

SYM, sym_name, DFF, =HDL_SOURCE="DESIGN.VHD : 25", LIBVER=2.0.0

This indicates that this flip-flop was inferred from a
process at line 25 of the file DESIGN.VHD. The "=" in front
of HDL_SOURCE indicates that it is a "user property."

Essentially, this is a comment in the XNF file for the user's
information. It is designed to be a way to understand where
particular components in the XNF file were inferred from.

The warnings that are produced just mean that the Xilinx
core tools don't know what this HDL_SOURCE property is. This
is fine, as it isn't meant to give any information to the
software. It is just for the user's information, and
debugging purposes.

These warnings can safely be ignored.
AR# 1346
日期 12/09/1999
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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