AR# 13475


4.1is3 95288/XL/XV - WARNING:Cpld - Ignoring user-specified PROHIBITed pin Pxx


General Description:

Whenever PROHIBIT constraint is used in the UCF file to constraint the pins in row P, Xilinx tool gives

out a warning message during implementation:

WARNING:CPLD- Ignoring user-specified PROHIBITed pin P(xx). The pin does not exist

on this device.


This warning message can be safely ignored since it is misleading. The pin on row P do exist on the

95288/XL/XV devices. Moreover, if one examine the fitter report (*.rpt files) carefully, the PROHIBIT

constraint is actually being applied to the pin P(xx) as seen in the "Device Pin Out" part in the

fitter report file.

AR# 13475
日期 01/06/2010
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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