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Project Navigator - The ModelSim simulator is not available in the Project Navigator Process window when I select a test bench in my project


ModelSim is not available in the Process window of Project Navigator when I select a test bench in my project. (This occurs under "Design Entry Utilities" or when I select a test bench in the Source window.) The test bench is present in the project, but I cannot run ModelSim to simulate the design. However, ModelSim is installed and works correctly in stand-alone mode.


To solve this problem, follow these steps:

1. Verify that the path to ModelSim in the Integrated Tools (Partner Tool ISE 5.2i and earlier versions) section of the design tools corresponds to the ModelSim version installed on the computer, using the following commands: Edit -> Preferences -> Integrated Tools (Partner Tools).

NOTE: For Solaris and Linux platforms, Project Navigator should automatically find the ModelSim installation if the appropriate environment variables are set up for running ModelSim. On Windows platforms, Project Navigator also looks at the registry settings.

2. For ISE versions 4.2i or older, use "Browse" to point to the ModelSim executable, as in this example:


For ISE versions 5.1i and later, use "Browse" to select the folder that contains the ModelSim executable, as in this example:


Solaris and Linux users browse to the vsim executable. An example location of the vsim file would be:


3. Apply the setting, and then close and restart Project Navigator.

NOTE: You must have administrative or super-user permissions to apply this change.



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AR# 13481
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