AR# 13507


4.1i Foundation - A design with ABEL macros fails in NGDBuild, reporting "Error 604 :logical block ... with type cellXX is unexpanded"


Keywords: error, 604, logical, block, ground_1_i1, cell, unexpanded, schematic, macro, ABEL, encrypted, NGDBuild

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
I am updating a schematic project with ABEL macros to Foundation 4.1i; when I implement the design, the following error is reported:

"Error 604:logical block "XXX" ground_1_i1 with type cellXXX is unexpanded."

(The same design compiled and implemented without error in Foundation 3.3i and earlier versions.)


The ABL2EDIF batch program created for Xilinx (which was used in Foundation 3.3i and earlier versions) contained an encryption algorithm that renamed standard logic cells (e.g., AND2) to a name beginning with "cell" (e.g., cell42). With this encryption, only the Xilinx tool set could use the netlists created for Xilinx devices.

In the 4.1i software, the ABEL compiler no longer encrypts the generated EDIF. In version 4.1i of the Xilinx EDIF translator, the decryption algorithm for these encrypted EDIF files was also removed.

In a schematic design that contains ABEL macros, the ABEL macros are not recompiled unless there has been a change in the module. When converting older schematic/ABEL designs to version 4.1i, it is likely that some of the macros still have encrypted EDIF files associated with them. This will cause the "unexpanded" error during implementation.

To implement the project successfully, individually synthesize all ABEL files before attempting to implement the project. (To synthesize in Foundation, open the ABEL file in HDL editor and select SYNTHESIS -> SYNTHESIZE.)
AR# 13507
日期 08/11/2003
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