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CPLD CoolRunner-II - Are the I/O 5-volt tolerant?


The CoolRunner-II data sheet does not indicate that the device is 5-volt tolerant. How can I make it 5-volt tolerant?


The CoolRunner-II CPLD is not 5-volt tolerant. However, you can use external circuits to solve this issue. For more information, see (Xilinx XAPP429): "5V Tolerance Techniques for CoolRunner-II Devices."

Xilinx CPLDs that are 5-volt tolerant (without external circuitry) are the XC9500, XC9500XL, and the CoolRunner XPLA3 family.

For other common CPLD questions, see the CPLD FAQ: (Xilinx Answer 24167).

AR# 13520
日期 12/15/2012
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