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MicroBlaze - MB-GCC error: "Installation problem, cannot exec `cpp0': No such file or directory."


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General Description:
After running "MB-GCC", or any utility that accesses "MB-GCC" (LibGen), the following error is reported:

"mb-gcc: installation problem, cannot exec `cpp0': No such file or directory."


If "cygwin" is before the "xygwin" in the path, this problem will occur.

Check the path to see if this is the case. If so, you can simply delete all references to "cygwin" in the path. Note that after you delete "cygwin", you should open a new terminal window.

If you have not uninstalled version 1.9 completely, do so before installing 2.1. Make certain all files are removed or moved before installing to the same directory.

Also, try running the tools from inside the "Xygwin" shell that is provided with MicroBlaze.
AR# 13691
日期 04/28/2006
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Type 综合文章
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