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4.1i CORE Generator - What is the IP Capture Tool, and how do I access it?


Keywords: COREGen, intellectual property, design, reuse, modules, updates, installer

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General Description
What is the IP Capture Tool, and how do I access it?


The IP Capture tool allows you to bundle your FPGA design into a module that can be reused as part of another design.

The tool is accessible through the CORE Generator GUI, under the Tools menu. If you do not see "IP Capture" in your Tools menu, you do not have the latest IP Update.

The IP Capture Tool was introduced in the Xilinx 4.1i Implementation Tool with IP Update #1. If you have not installed the latest IP Update, please download it from the Xilinx IP Center at:

For more information on the IP Capture Tool, open the CORE Generator GUI and select Help -> Online Documentation -> IP Capture Guide. (The IP Capture Guide will be available once you have installed 4.1i IP Update #1 or later.)
AR# 13697
日期 10/09/2003
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