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4.1i Install - An ISE 4.2i installation removes Foundation 4.1i


Keywords: Install, ISE, Foundation, uninstall, remove, 4.1i

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General Description:
I am installing the 4.2i software into the same location as an existing 4.1i installation that also has Foundation installed to the same 4.1i directory. The ISE installer prompts me to uninstall the 4.1i software first -- this operation also uninstalls the Foundation tools.


As there are two software tools installed in the same 4.1i directory, both ISE 4.1i and Foundation Series 4.1i will be uninstalled if you attempt to install 4.2i in the same location (directory).

If you have installed Foundation Series 4.1i and need to keep it operational while installing ISE Foundation 4.2i, you must install ISE Foundation 4.2i to a different directory. This will set the Xilinx environment variable <$xilinx> to the 4.2i ISE Foundation location.

You will need to manually change your $xilinx environment variable to the location of your Foundation Series 4.1i location to use those tools, then manually change it back to return to ISE 4.2i. (Please see (Xilinx Answer 11630) for further information on changing your environment variables manually.)
AR# 13779
日期 11/05/2003
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