AR# 1382


PPR/Foundation: Duplicate name errors when guiding designs entered in Foundation


Duplicate names may get generated by Foundation in designs
that have more than one schematic sheet on the top level.

If you have two schematic sheets in your design, both of
which contain symbols called U1 and U2, Foundation will
rename the U1 and U2 symbols in the hierarchical schematics
to unique names. The Increment field in the Options ->
Annotate popup window allows you to specify the increment
between hierarchical schematics of the renamed symbol names.

For example, if you select an Increment of 100, the the U1
and U2 symbols are named U100 and U101 on one sheet, and U200
and U201 on another sheet. The default value is 0, and if
you use numerical suffixes at the end of signal and symbol
names (for example, fg_carry1, fg_carry2), and also have
symbols with similar names but without a numerical suffix (for example fg_carry), Foundation may generate a symbol name
that duplicates an existing name.


Change the Increment value to a number that reduces the
possibility of name overlap, and re-annotate the design.

For example, as long as the numerical suffixes in your
user-defined net and symbol names never exceed 99, increasing
the Increment value to 100 will prevent duplicate names from
being generated.
AR# 1382
日期 04/28/1999
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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