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4.1i iMPACT, WebPACK - "FATAL_ERROR: PersonalityModule: baspmdlm...- dll library <FpgaDevice> does not exist..."


Keywords: 4.1i, 4000, 4000XL, Spartan-XL, iMPACT, FpgaDevice, FATAL_ERROR, PersonalityModule, WebPACK

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General Description:
When I attempt to configure a 4000-XL/A or Spartan-XL FPGA from iMPACT 4.1WPx.x, an error message similar to the following appears:

"FATAL_ERROR: PersonalityModule:baspmdlm.c:135:1.8 - dll library <FPGA device> does not exist. Process will terminate. To resolve this error, please consult the Answers Database and other online resources at"



This issue only affects WebPACK (not typical ISE software), and it has been fixed in WebPACK 4.2WPx.x. (Prior to installing the newer version of WebPACK, un-install the current WebPACK version.)

An alternative method of working around the problem is to obtain the following files from a full installation of ISE and copy them to the same areas in the WebPACK software. Replace "%XILINX%" and "%WEBPACK%" with the appropriate installation directories on your computer.

Take these files:

and copy them to:


After I fix WebPack as described in Solution 1, I cannot find the DLL library "libCCPromChain.dll" when I attempt to program an 18V00 PROM.

This file can also be taken from a full ISE installation.

Take the file:

and copy it to:
AR# 13937
日期 08/08/2003
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