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4.2i Install - What are the details of the final release of FPGA Express in the 4.2i software tools?


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The final release of FPGA Express will be version 3.7. What does this mean, and what are my options?


FPGA Express is owned by Synopsys, and has been delivered by Xilinx as one of the synthesis engines within our software solutions. Synopsys has decided to cancel all OEM agreements of its FPGA Express product. Therefore, we will be unable to supply any FPGA Express updates after May 31, 2002. Xilinx will continue to deliver high-quality FPGA synthesis from our total solution by including XST (Xilinx Synthesis Technology) within ISE Foundation and ISE BaseX configurations. Synopsys will continue to offer their stand-alone FPGA Compiler II synthesis product, which supports Xilinx FPGAs and CPLDs.

FPGA Express and Foundation Series 4.2i
The final release of FPGA Express for Foundation, version 3.6.1, is on the 4.2i Foundation Series Design Environment CD. FPGA Express 3.6.1 provides significant bug fixes. If your software configuration includes FPGA Express, a "typical installation" will automatically launch the FPGA Express 3.6.1 installer as part of the Foundation 4.2i installation process.

FPGA Express and ISE 4.2i
You will find a separate FPGA Express 3.6.1 CD included in your product update package. The FPGA Express 3.6.1 CD is provided for use with ISE 4.2i to support of the new Xilinx devices including the Virtex-II Pro, Spartan-IIE, and CoolRunner-II families. To take advantage of the latest device support in FPGA Express 3.6.1, you should install the FPGA Express software from its CD after the installation of ISE 4.2i is complete.

Foundation Series 4.2i and ISE 4.2i coexistence
Foundation Series 4.2i installer will install FPGA Express 3.6.1 from the Foundation Series Design Environment CD into $XILINX\express_361. The Foundation Series 4.2i software will use FPGA Express from the $XILINX\express_361 directory. The ISE 4.2i installer will install FPGA Express 3.6.1 from the separate CD into $XILINX\express. ISE 4.2i will use FPGA Express from the $XILINX\express directory.

ISE customers will receive FPGA Express 3.7
All in-maintenance ISE customers will receive one final release of FPGA Express, version 3.7 in May, 2002. FPGA Express 3.7 will provide improved and comprehensive support of Xilinx's newest and fastest Virtex-II Pro platform for programmable systems. FPGA Express 3.7 will only work with ISE 4.2i, not Foundation Series 4.2i. FPGA Express 3.7 should be installed last to automatically set up the correct environment variables for both Foundation series and ISE software.

After installing FPGA Express 3.7, if you add Virtex-II Pro devices to your 4.2i ISE installation using the "Add Devices" selection in the Xilinx installation program, you will need to re-install FPGA Express 3.7 from the CD to insure error-free operation.

Xilinx continues to support FPGA Express
Xilinx will continue to provide technical support for all in-maintenance customers. All Foundation Series customers can continue to use FPGA Express for Xilinx device families supported in software releases up to and including the Foundation Series 4.2i release. All ISE customers can continue to use FPGA Express for Xilinx device families supported in software releases up to and including the new ISE 4.2i release. Any future Xilinx devices will not be added to FPGA Express after the update release. To synthesize designs for new Xilinx devices, use Xilinx's synthesis technology, XST, which is included in Xilinx ISE software. You can also use any other synthesis products from our EDA partners: Mentor Graphics, Synplicity, and Synopsys. Our EDA partners provide support for all Xilinx devices.

About XST in Xilinx ISE software
XST supports the synthesis and optimization of VHDL or Verilog HDL for the following Xilinx devices:
- Virtex, Virtex-E, Virtex-II, Virtex-II Pro devices
- Spartan II, Spartan IIE devices
- XC9500, XC9500XL, XC9500XV devices
- CoolRunner, CoolRunner-II devices
- Any future Xilinx devices

XST does not support the synthesis of XC3000, XC4000, and Spartan/XL series devices.
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