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5.2i Install - Linux/WINE - How do I install the software CD in a Linux environment?


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How do I install the software from a CD into a Linux environment?


Before this point in the installation, your Linux environment and WINE should be configured according to the information in the following Answer Records:

- For the supported Red Hat and WINE configuration, please see (Xilinx Answer 12716).

- For more information on setting up the WINE environment, please see (Xilinx Answer 13532).

Open a terminal window and use the command: cd/mnt/cdrom

- Type "wine setup.exe".
- At the "Type of Installation" screen, choose "Custom Installation".
- At the "Select Software Components to Install" screen, de-select the checkboxes for "ISE Documentation", "MuliLINX Cable Driver", and "Parallel Cable Drivers".
- At the "Update Your Environment" screen, de-select both checkboxes -- the PATH is set manually in the WINE configuration file, and the XILINX environment variable will be set by log-in scripts or at the command line.
- At the end of the setup, DO NOT restart the computer; select "No".

To run the Xilinx tools, you must set the Linux environment variables -- please see (Xilinx Answer 12687) for more information.
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