AR# 1410


Orcad SDT2XNF - Does it support Windows 95 and NT?


When running Windows NT, the "SDT2XNF" program does not work.
When executing sdt2xnf from the command line (as done under Windows 3.1),
the computer waits for about 2 seconds, then the prompt comes back with
no errors or warnings listed and the .log does not get updated to indicate
what is wrong.

The program seems to run fine under Windows 95.


SDT2XNF has NOT been officially tested on Windows NTor Windows 95.

However, in Tech Support tests and according to customer responses, SDT2XNF does not work under Windows NT. The problem has been consistent as described above. The only known workarounds are to either run SDT2XNF on
another OS or to upgrade to Orcad Capture 7.0. This version of
Capture outputs XNF files directly.
AR# 1410
日期 10/07/2008
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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