AR# 14168


4.2i CORE Generator - CORE Generator hangs after generating Reed-Solomon Encoder/Decoder, Interleaver/Deinterleaver, or Viterbi cores (HP platform only)


Keywords: CORE Generator, HP, hangs, Reed-Solomon, Encoder, Decoder, Interleaver, Deinterleaver, Viterbi

CORE Generator hangs after generating following cores on an HP platform:

Reed-Solomon Encoder v3_0
Reed-Solomon Decoder v3_0
Interleaver/Deinterleaver v2_0
Viterbi v2_0

CORE Generator appears to have generated the files, but it hangs while exiting.


Older version of these cores generate successfully on HP platforms; however, newer versions of the above cores have a problem at end of core generation. Although CORE Generator seems to hang, all the necessary files should have been generated correctly. If you locate the hanging CORE Generator process and kill it, the generated files should be usable in the design.
AR# 14168
日期 03/24/2008
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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