AR# 14190


*Obsolete* 4.2i iMPACT - When the batch mode is used, specifying the SVF programming option "-u" for an 18V00 PROM causes the USERCODE to be programmed twice


Keywords: iMPACT, batch, SVF, -u, user, code, USERCODE, 18V00, PROM

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
If I specify the "-u" option when creating an SVF file to program an 18V00 device with iMPACT in batch mode, the USERCODE is programmed twice in the resulting SVF file.

This example illustrates batch syntax that will cause this problem:

setmode -bs
setcable -p svf -file test.svf
adddevice -p 1 -sprom xc18v04 -file test.mcs
program -e -p -u 1234abcd -p 1


This problem will be fixed in the next major software release.

No problems should be caused if the USERCODE is programmed twice with the same value. If desired, one of the sets of SVF commands for programming the USERCODE may be deleted from the SVF file.
AR# 14190
日期 09/26/2005
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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