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4.2i CORE Generator - Installation Instructions for 4.2i IP Update #2 (E_IP2)


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This Answer Record describes the installation processes for 4.2i IP Update #2. Two methods of installing IP Updates now exist: you may either use the IP Updates Installer or follow the manual installation method.

4.2i IP Update #2 is the first IP Update available for the ISE 4.21i software. Please note that the IP Update compatibility is as follows:

- 4.1i and 4.1i Service Packs: Compatible with 4.x IP update #1 (E_IP1)
- 4.2i and 4.2i Service Packs: Compatible with 4.2i IP Update #2 (E_IP2) and subsequent IP Updates to 4.2i

To verify which version of the Xilinx Implementation tools you are using, please select Help -> About from the Project Navigator GUI.

Both of the IP Updates above are available at:



Method 1: Automated method using the Updates Installer

(NOTE: You must install ISE 4.2i software prior to installing 4.2i IP Update #2. The Updates Installer will automatically locate the required update file archive and display it in the selection window. There is no need to perform a separate download of the update file archive using this method.)

1. Start CORE Generator. From the CORE Generator main GUI, select Tools -> Updates Installer.

If you do not see the Updates Installer selection, this may mean that you have not properly installed the ISE 4.2i software. Verify that you are using the ISE 4.2i software.

If you are prompted for a proxy host, contact your administrator to determine the proxy host address and port number you should be using to move information through your firewall.

2. Select " 4.2i_IP_Update_2" from the list of updates in the "Available Packages" panel.

3. Click "Add To Install Queue" to add the zip file for the patch to the queue.

At this time, you may be prompted to enter a log-in name and password. Use the Xilinx log-in and password that you would use when downloading IP Updates and software service packs.

4. Click "Install All Packages From Queue". This will begin the patch download.

After the patch has downloaded, the Updates Installer will display a dialog box indicating that it will be terminating the CORE Generator session and installing the downloaded archive. Another dialog box will inform you when the patch installation is complete. You may then restart the CORE Generator.

5. To confirm that you have installed the patch files properly, check the following file:
C:\Xilinx\coregen\install\install_history (assuming that your Xilinx software is installed in C:\Xilinx)

Be sure that you have "eip_2" noted at the top of the file along with current date and time.

Method 2: Manual Installation Method

You may also download and install the patch manually by following the instructions below. Use this method if you are having problems with the Updates Installer.

(NOTE: You must first install ISE 4.2i prior to installing this IP update.)

The IP Update files are available from the IP Center at:

1. If you are running CORE Generator, quit the application.

2. - PC users: Download the file from the URL above and save it to a temporary directory.
- UNIX users: Download the 42i_ip_update2.tar.gz from the URL above and save it to a temporary directory.

If you have GNU version of "tar", download 42i_ip_update2.gnutar.gz from the URL above and save it to a temporary directory. (NOTE: You will be prompted for your Xilinx User ID and password. If you do not have a Xilinx User ID and password, you will see a link that will allow you to request and receive one immediately.)

3. Extract the .zip or .tar file to the root directory of your Xilinx software installation. Allow the extractor utility you use to overwrite all existing files and maintain the directory structure that was pre-defined in the archive. On a PC, the Xilinx ISE 4.2i software installation directory will typically be located at C:\XILINX if you used the installation default. For UNIX, you may need to check with your system administrator to find the installation directory for ISE 4.2i, and you must have the appropriate permissions to be able to install the patch.

4. After installing the update, restart CORE Generator.
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